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Our Services

USDA Grant Writing

We offer grant writing help for a variety of agriculture producers including farmers, ranchers, fishermen and processors (meat, dairy, etc.). VAPG, or the Value Added Producer Grant is one of the USDA grants available to help small ag. producers grow and improve their processes and in turn, make more profit.

Grant Management Services

Here you can find a grant writing consultant with years of experience managing federal, state and local grants. We offer everything from thorough research that supports a successful grant, budget creations, projections and accounting services that comply with the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Feasibility Studies

Stuck in a business rut? We offer feasibility studies that help ag. producers uncover strengths and weaknesses in their business plan as an external reporter. Agricultural ventures expand and as they do, knowing the viability of an idea from a study is key to saving time and money on a business idea that does not work.

Marketing & Branding

Tired of trying to keep up with all the new marketing techniques of today? Agriculture producers can focus on what they know best and get support from our talented marketing team. Create something distinct that communicates your company’s meaning to the customer through our-assisted branding.

Strategic Planning

Any organization, agriculture-based included, needs a strategic plan to set the course and outline the steps on how they will achieve long term goals. We can dust off an old plan or start a new one that can be utilized internally or by a board of directors to advance, monitor and achieve a business idea.

Funding Identification & Research

Finding funding can be difficult. Our services include the identification and research of solid funding opportunities for non-profit and for-profit audiences. Over the years, we’ve developed effective strategies for identifying quality funding opportunities for our clients.